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Hunter S. Thompson’s Unconventional Approach to Media Relations

Famous author Hunter S. Thompson would not only write himself into the history books for his coverage of politics and media, but he would...

The Media’s Complicated Relationship With Crime

Although criminal offenses are serious matters that have to be managed judiciously and independently, the media plays a role in how these events are...

Why Twitter Remains The Tool of Choice for Journalists

Love it or hate it, Twitter plays a major role in the current media landscape. It is an addictive social media platform that would...

Benefits of Using YouTube for News Junkies

The traditional way that communities consume the news could not be more different now than it was in generations past. That time where families...

Challenges For Independent Media in a Changing Landscape

There is a healthy dose of liberation for those that want to establish a career with independent media sources. Whether this takes the form...

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