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Benefits of Using YouTube for News Junkies

The traditional way that communities consume the news could not be more different now than it was in generations past. That time where families would gather around the television set for the 6pm bulletin or wait for the home delivery of the morning paper is consigned to history – for good or bad.

With a modern desire to consume the news that the individual wants to see and a time that they want to see it, YouTube becomes a standout vehicle. Participants have the chance to develop a personalized feed that drops and updates automatically, giving them a one-stop-shop for daily reports, investigative features and debate programs alike.

The good news for those clients that create their own YouTube account is that they can customize their feed to a following that suits their tastes. No longer does the individual have to be bombarded with cross-promotional material or a fight over the television remote at home when there is a conflict of interest.

Condensing the news down to smaller segments is where YouTube becomes a major seller for news junkies. 30-minute and hour long programs can be boiled down to 5, 10 and 15 minute features that focus on a key topic or event. This allows users to maximize their time spent online without missing out on their favorite broadcaster or reporter each day.

Although there are some inconsistencies with news accounts on YouTube, they will be published and made available for stream for everyone at the same time. This is true with Rachel Maddow’s program on MSNBC, Don Lemon on CNN and Sean Hannity on Fox News. As soon as the broadcast is over, some time will be allowed before social media managers and producers send out that content for subscribers online.

There is a great convenience for community members who decide that YouTube is the best domain to consume their news content. Whereas traditional outlets will often limit their exposure on digital channels where television timeslots and unique apps are the only vehicle to watch these broadcasts, this is an opportunity to take the news remote.

Whether it is the desktop, the laptop, the tablet, a handheld smartphone device or airdropped and streamed via the television, there are multiple pathways to viewing this news coverage via the app. For people who are passionate about their news coverage, this gives them more flexibility when they might be switching from home to the office or out on the road.

For viewers who want to take their news consumption on YouTube to the next level, they can pay for a premium subscription service that removes all advertisements from the platform. $12 a month will open up this feature, empowering users to utilize more benefits without having to be interrupted with an influx of ad spots with every video.

What might begin as a journey to crafting a unique news feed can suddenly open new doors for YouTube Music apps, live streaming, downloads, uploads, playlists and more. Relying on traditional news media sources cannot offer those benefits for users.

As the speed of news events evolving with the aid of social media feeds, YouTube allows citizens to get the best of both worlds. There is that social media component where content is commented, shared and integrated, but viewers can still watch these segments uninterrupted to get their reporting at a convenient time and place.

There are challenges involved for media outlets to adapt to this change in behavior, but they have the resources to cater to this interest. Investigative journalism and news debate programs still have their place, but they have to recognize the power and influence brought about by the YouTube platform.



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