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Best Websites for Blogger and Youtuber

If you are a blogger or a youtubere and you face so many issuse during creating your content for blogger or youtuber then in this post i will explain 3 bets websites which will help you to grow faster and that makes your life smoother.

In youtube you can grow faster by just increasing your suscriberes and you need video engagment for that so the first one is the website where you just made images and gain suscribers faster.


If you are a youtubere and want to gain more views then you need more engagiing thumbnail. I think you know about thumbnail if don’t know then a short description about thumbnail. Thumbnail is the front page f a video, i mean when your video appears in youtube search then the user see the image.

if you create a eye catching thumbnail then the user will force to click that video and you get views as well as suscriber. Main thing is it works only if you create a great cotent.

Now if you are a blogger then you think what benefit i got if i use this tool as compare to youtube you get more benefit because you use text on your post. According to google algorithm if you use only text on your post then the readers fee bore to read that so you need to add more in between paragraphs.

Canva is a tool whre you can create any size or infographics of image and the best part is it gives you all service for free. You can create graphs and infographics in between paragraphs which decrease your bounce rate and you promote by google because your post is engaging.

2.Trends Google

If you are really dedicated to grow on youtube or blogging then you need to post contents regarding latest trends. Google trend is googles own tool which help you to search trending topics it might be for a month or a prticualr time.

Google trends collects data what are the users search on different google platforms and they give you a intereface where you see a graph of search. Using this website you can check in which country users are searching more for that keyword.

As a example if you search whatsapp then google will check what is the ratio of search in different and it give you a graph.

Using trend you search a keyword which will change your life as a youtuber or blogger.


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