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Why Research is a Key Driver for Amazon

Companies like to talk about being on the “cutting edge” with their methodology, but only the successful entities actually put it into practice. Taking...

Why Elon Musk Has Some Reservations With AI Development

AI development is a hot topic among engineers and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. Everyone can benefit from this explosion, seeing manufacturers, communicators, managers and investors...

Key Research Facts About The Instagram Algorithm Model

While Facebook and Twitter had a head start in the social media industry in the mid 2000s, Instagram would come along in 2010 to...

Predicting New Smartphone Features This Decade

Predicting smartphone features is a dangerous game at the best of times. What we do know is that there is a demand for certain...

The Connection Between Spotify and Research Data

Digital music streaming has never been the same until Spotify intervened and developed a new model of operating. Everyday people would gravitate to this...

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