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Joe Rogan’s Best Dietary Health Advice

Joe Rogan treats his body like a temple. Actually, as he puts it, it is more like a car that has to be conditioned and maintained to be fit for the road. The MMA commentator and podcast superstar is a leading figure in his industry. While he spends many hours of his week talking with pop culture figures on his show that has been purchased by Spotify, he will advocate for certain health and lifestyle choices.

Fitness and health for Rogan is about making the most of life and maximizing the body to its elite potential. His own figure remains in tip-top condition, continuing with a regiment that has worked for him beyond the MMA ring and into the commentators chair.

Before Joe Rogan advocates for any particular type of food or drink in quantities, the comedian from Newark believes in planning. This is where the real work is achieved ahead of time, using Sunday as an opportunity to detail what foods will be purchased and cooked, what types of meals will be sourced and how to be meticulous about a gym regiment with potential for a cheat meal to have that balanced lifestyle.

A key tenant that is true of Joe Rogan is his removal of sugar and limit carbs as part of his diet plan. It is the type of advice that is not a revelation for anyone who has talked with a dietician, but it is the tireless dedication and work to remove those foods from meals and snacks where the real progress is made.

Joe Rogan follows a 16:8 principle when it comes to his fasting time and eating time inside of a 24-hour window. The 16 hours of fasting for every 24 hours will also incorporate a sleep of approximately 8 hours, ensuring that there is no food consumed in the 4 hours before rest and the 4 hours after rest. This approach to intermittent fasting helps with a number of health factors. It will include better motor coordination, increased levels of endurance, improved sleep, lower cholesterol and weight loss.

Supplements are a key part of the Joe Rogan regiment. These brands help to fill in the gaps for those nutrients that are overlooked by the food and liquids. Among a number of supplements that are consumed over the course of a week, he will utilize Alpha Brain, probiotics, spirulina, MCT oil, fish oil, Glucosamine Chondroitin, omega 6 and 3, chlorella and Shroom Tech Sport.

Part of Joe Rogan’s passion outside of his MMA endeavors is hunting. This is where he has discovered game meat, especially elk meat which carries unique health properties for consumers. The very discussion of wild elk meat can turn people off the idea, but there are plenty of advantages to cooking this food as a replacement for beef and chicken meals. It compromises high levels of B-12, it is devoid of any growth hormones that standard meat stocks can include, is low in saturated fat and offers a lean protein option that is perfect for wilderness hunters.

Drink routines can be hard to stay on top of from one hour to the next, but this is still a domain where the podcaster pays close attention. Kombucha is a fermented drink of choice that offers probiotic qualities that regular sodas do not provide. Four Sigmatic Coffee fuels his energy for the extensive podcast discussions, a formula that derives from mushrooms. Then there are zero calorie drink alternatives and C20 Coconut Water to be consumed after each workout in the gym. All of this is still topped off with a treat of whiskey.

There are few people who can manage to have a diet and health routine like Joe Rogan. Although the foods and drinks might be a bit different, the dedication, planning, complimenting and supplementing is where citizens can learn some real lessons from the entrepreneur.


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