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Predicting New Smartphone Features This Decade

Predicting smartphone features is a dangerous game at the best of times. What we do know is that there is a demand for certain applications given the shortcomings of current stock. Then there are the tools and toys that will really accelerate sales and change the communications landscape forever.

This is an industry that continues to innovate and push the envelope for consumers around the globe. 2020 has already showcased the iPhone 11, Samsung Galaxy S20, Huawei P30 Pro, the iPhone SE, the Motorola Moto G7, the Google Pixel 4a, the Kogan Agora Go, Blackberry Key2 BBF100-6, the OnePlus 8 and beyond. Each one of these items bring a unique attraction, but what could we expect in the years to follow?

Remote charging is surely a focus that will be part of upcoming smartphone features in the years to come. It remains arguably the greatest frustration for customers, especially for those that are left to handle an older model where that drop from 100% to 1% occurs quicker and quicker each week. Energous have made great strides in this domain, designing a device that can be charged over the air with the aid of a transmitter close by. The future is trending towards a phone that is completely closed off by traditional charging ports, tapping into a form of wireless technology that is far more efficient and user-friendly.

There is already evidence of projections and holograms going mainstream with smartphone features. Verizon and AT&T have been planning a limited release of an android that has the ability to produce a holographic display without the need to rely on complimenting glasses to view the material. Science fiction movies like Star Wars dating back to the 1970s have already considered this special innovation, so it is just a question of which outlet can design an item that makes this application easy to utilize.

Customized colors that switch on demand might very well be on the card when predicting smartphone features this decade. Screensavers have been offering beautiful aesthetic changes for years, but altering the physical color of the phone could offer an interactive quality that resonates with a certain type of constituency. It is a selling point for those that might lost their phone among a clutter of other goods or help to signify the profile of a caller or messenger according to their color profile.

The ability to switch devices is one of the great challenges in the modern ear. Especially with a division between the iPhone and Android, attempting to build a bridge between those two factions appears distant. Yet in the domain of evolving and cutting edge smartphone features on the horizon, the opportunity to utilize the cloud should allow consumers to switch easily between one device to the next. All of the contacts, the pictures and the essential data will remain with the cloud account as the tangible phone product becomes adaptable depending on its condition, lifespan and availability.

Could smartphone features push the envelope to the point where the product actually bends? Is that type of flexibility achievable or will we be left with a fairly static and reliable format for the foreseeable future? Well the Samsung Galaxy F is already available and showcases a device that folds to pocket size and expands out to a tablet format where required. This is helpful for those that are on the go and want a higher level of convenient storage capabilities to enjoy. The real cutting edge technology will be found with stretchable products, adapting a format that would not look out of place on the Tom Cruise sci-fi thriller Minority Report.

Innovators and analysts who study the field of smartphone features to predict trends by and large agree that these devices won’t be sustained for the decades to follow. Thanks to the expansion of artificial intelligence and digital capabilities, miniature earplugs, glasses, watches and other applications have the ability to replace the standard smartphone.


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