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Following Dwayne Johnson’s Workout Regiment

Dwayne The Rock Johnson is one of the most recognizable figures in pop culture today. Starring in the World Wrestling Federation and establishing his brand in the ring, he would make the successful transition to Hollywood to become a leading action star in his own right.

With 192 million Instagram followers and counting, it is the workout regiment that has made the Fast Five star a respected icon for millions who want to replicate his methods.

30-50 minutes of morning cardio on the treadmill is the beginning of the daily ritual for the former wrestler. This is a process that starts the sweat dripping off the shirt and builds up the momentum before breakfast is served.

Leg day always starts the routine off for Dwayne Johnson who needs to be mobile for his action shoots on set. The leg routine will incorporate a range of sets and reps that have been designed alongside his professional training team. It will feature barbell squats, leg press, Romanian deadlift, thigh abductor, barbell walking lunge and the hack squat.

Shoulder work provides Dwayne Johnson with a foundation to build on his upper body strength and durability. The exercises that get the California native up to speed on this count will include the front dumbbell raise, dumbbell shoulder press, the reverse machine flyes, side lateral raise, standing military press and the seated bent-over rear delt raise.

The chest is the money shot for Dwayne Johnson, showing off his pecks for that action star bravado that he is famous for. By following his strict regiment to the exact detail, he will utilize some key techniques in the gym to master this domain. It will include dips, barbell bench press, flat bench cable flyes, incline hammer curls and incline dumbbell press.

For Dwayne Johnson to really optimize his time in the gym and fulfill his title as “the hardest worker in the room,” he has to produce the goods with the arms and abs. All of the exercises are covered with this program, incorporating spider curls, bicep curls, tricep pushdowns, rope crunches, hanging leg raise and the Russian twist for good measure.

The back is a domain that requires particular attention. Especially for a figure who prides himself on an athletic physique pushing on into his 40s, it needs to be carefully managed. This will include hyperextensions, barbell deadlifts, pull-ups, wide-gap lat pulldowns and the inverted row.

Diet plays a key role for Dwayne Johnson when he is establishing his workout regiment for the week. While the actual composition of the food will vary according to his five or seven day meal planner for his preparation, many of the core ingredients will stay the same. This will include a cup of veggies, cod, sweet potato, white rice, oatmeal, eggs, spinach salad, fish oil, steak, mushrooms, broccoli, chicken, bell peppers, asparagus, baked potatoes and casein protein.

Liquids are also a major ingredient for the Jumanji star, ensuring he is charged and energized when he hits the weights and pushes his body to the limit. The routine will feature orange juice, protein shakes and watermelon juice.

For Dwayne Johnson, the subject of fitness and health has not been a part-time role. It underpins his entire public persona, giving him the platform to create Project Rock fitness apparel with Under Armour. While 6 days of the week is consumed with a fierce workout regiment that pushes the boundaries, Sunday will always be reserved as the day of rest. It also provides him an opportunity to gorge on his world famous cheat meals, mixing ice cream with pancakes and his brand of Teremana Tequila for good measure.


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