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3 Best Daily use Webites for Every User

When you wake up in the morning you just check your smartphone and browse some website which is useful for your daily life, it may be for entertainment or news site. I know after wake up in the morning you definitely check between theses websites Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter.

If you also looking for some websites which will simplify your daily life work then read the full post 3 Best Daily use Webites for Every User.



Grammarly is a golden tool that makes your grammar mistake correct. I mean if you make more spelling mistakes or small grammatical mistakes during your work or college education then this is the best website for you.

Grammarly is a tool base website that is designed to identify grammatical errors and spelling errors. Now you think I make more mistakes in spelling then this website will help me, the answer is yes.

After writing a line Grammarly checks is your grammar and spelling are correct in the line then it doesn’t give any error otherwise you get an underline on that word which have some Grammatical or spelling mistake.

As an example, you write a passage where Punctuation and spelling error is available then you get two error the first error underlines with yellow line and second with red.

Grammarly is available in both paid and free versions. If you want to correct your grammatical mistakes 100% then purchase the premium plan of Grammarly otherwise run with free.

You can customize your English level in Beginner or advance which will help you to rectify your English. If you are a writer and use chrome to write your content then Grammarly has its own chrome extension for free.



If you read online books or ebooks then you must be a student or an online book reader then you love this website. The specialty of this website is you can download the latest release books in pdf format.

I am in the digital marketing field so I download books from pdf dive and its books are amazing. It catches the latest release books in pdf and available for free. Now you think I need to pay for download, no you can use this website for free and all books available on this site are fully free. You get lots of categories for book download and all are available for free. If you want update from this site then you ad your mail list which will update you when new book comes.


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